World-house: A 42 word prompt


Accipiter G. Goshawk

Hello everyone!

It’s time for another 42-word prompt!

Nobody wrote anything for the last one, so I’ve gone for a different flavour this time.

How this works: I will post a text of exactly 42 words. In the comments, post a follow-up text or a link to a blog post based on the 42-word prompt (your answer can be exactly 42 words long or more). In the next few days, I will read what you have posted and choose one or two answers (or three if they are short), and write a blog featuring them and a small comment/review/critique.

Also, I will reblog one of your posts! (It has to be art/writing-related though)

Have a lovely week!


The Prompt:

He shuffled around the room in his shabby red bathrobe, looking at the shelves wistfully. Carelessly, he picked up an old milk carton and began to pour.

In Italy, a tidal wave destroyed a seaside village.

The two events were not unrelated…

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