The pirate’s gambit

A Cursed Eight short story By Accipiter G. Goshawk “Wequ Island is within our sights, sir. We should be there within the next five minutes.” Inquisitor Jarr of the priesthood of Mirkal squinted against the midday sun. He sighed heavily; he detested these little forays into the backwater regions of the world. “At least it’s … Continue reading The pirate’s gambit


The Fool’s Death: Part II

A Cursed Eight Short story By Accipiter G. Goshawk The story picks up where we left it in The Fool’s Death Part I… In a forgotten alley, a broken corpse gasped back to life. Pain wracked Laurent Rold’s shivering shape, as the cold night air settled on his skin and crept into his bones. Something … Continue reading The Fool’s Death: Part II