About the “Adventures of the Cursed Eight”

On the 24th of March 2018, an unlikely group of friends met in a comfortable living room. At the time they were neophytes to Dungeons and Dragons; now they are seasoned players. Some have even taken up the mantle of Dungeon Master and are now inventing worlds of their own.

The eight amazing players I have the pleasure to DM for live out their adventures in the homebrew world of Syrros, a world of gods, ancient mysteries, wars and shadowy organizations. All the history, cosmology and societal quirks were born in the mind of yours truly (with a few exceptions…). Ever since they began to play and bring the world to life, I’ve wanted to record their adventures somewhere. Thus, the “Adventures of the Cursed Eight” series was born. I hope you enjoy the telling of the tales as much as the players enjoyed bringing them to you.

A huge thank you to them and to Wizards of the Coast for giving us such an amazing game.

Save for the stories, original characters and homebrew content, all the rest is the property of WOTC.

Dramatis Personae (in order of appearance):

Baroness Shainarra Liadon: a high-elf rogue and urchin from the sacred city of Dereillon.

Siloqui Nailo: a wood-elf ranger and outlander hailing from the Plains of Voort in the north.

Captain Thorin Battlehammer of House Shaddak: an elderly dwarf fighter and former soldier of the Argathodian Army.

Zal’tat Spindlefoot: a gnome sorcerer of mysterious origins and a tormented past.

Kathra Dankil: a hill-dwarf druid and a hermit of the Rustshell Mountains. A dark doom walks only a few steps behind her…

Grell Islander: a young half-orc barbarian from the northern wastes. He is accompanied by his dire wolf pup Bane -also known as the Spice-sniffer-

Lady Nala Myastan: a silver dragonborn warlock of highborn origins on a mission for the Draconic Council.

Lohar Sapienza: a human cleric of the goddess Thelas. His pursuit of knowledge is often more dangerous than useful…

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