Dear reader,

This blog is a place where I post my stories for the Internet to read. These stories are complete and utter works of fantasy. In no way do they represent, recreate, refer to or describe true people or events (the use of magic in my writing should be a giveaway but I feel it’s safer to mention nonetheless).

This blog is meant to be used for entertainment purposes only. If you read one of my stories and decide that you really must jump into an interdimensional portal, I will not be liable for any odd actions you may perform.

None of the views expressed in my writing reflect the ideas, ideologies, or points of view of any organization I may be potentially affiliated with (not many of those, but the time loops are so messy these days).

My blog and stories being mostly filled with fantasy are only as accurate as my addled mind. I am prone to error, so it is entirely possible that my flying pencil sharpener instructions aren’t accurate. So please, do not consider them as accurate. Or even real (shame though…)

If you rely on the information contained within one of my blog posts or short stories you do so at your own risk. I have created this space for entertainment purposes only (as mentioned previously) and am in no way responsible if you choose to take my vague meanderings as the ultimate truth (I will be flattered though).

The information in this blog is liable to change (for example if I decide one of the tales really really stinks). Please don’t be too surprised if things appear or disappear.

Finally, some of my stories are sometimes mildly violent (nothing nearly as troubling as the TV shows most of you are probably watching). I will post warnings at the beginning of these posts. If you choose to read them anyhow, I am not liable for any nightmares you may have as a result (I would however like to note that with little exception, all my stories end on an uplifting note).

Thank you for your attention and please enjoy.

Accipiter G. Goshawk

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