World-moulder – Part I

An Espresso Tale By Accipiter G. Goshawk Teal nervously adjusted their watch fob and stared at the grey marble wall, willing themself to breathe. Noise surrounded them in a hushed cacophony: the ticking of their pocket watch, the almost-imperceptible whistle of the wind sweeping through the deserted corridors. The occasional tapping of dress-shoes on the … Continue reading World-moulder – Part I

The magic table: Part II

An Espresso Tale By Accipiter G. Goshawk This is the continuation of The magic table: Part I. After that, they frequently had visitors. The second to come was Grandma Jane. She popped into existence on a Saturday and after having handed them a large platter of biscuits (fresh from the oven), she sat down for … Continue reading The magic table: Part II