Adventures of the Cursed Eight 1.7

1.7 The cult of the White Tear An uncomfortable silence fell over the group as they stared at the cleric posing awkwardly on a pile of rubble. “Well Mr. Sapienza, welcome to our small company,” said Zal’tat sweeping his arms wide. “The scary elf dressed in black is Shainarra, the happy-looking child is called Grell,” … Continue reading Adventures of the Cursed Eight 1.7


Where did the dragons go?

By Accipiter G. Goshawk Another old re-edited story. The style is quite different (I had originally intended it to be part of a collection of legends). Enjoy! In the beginning, there where dragons. Of course, in the before times, they hadn’t really chosen a proper shape yet. That’s why you see all sorts of dragons … Continue reading Where did the dragons go?

Adventures of the Cursed Eight 1.4

1.4 The tree and the Warlock Father Silin stared quizzically at Shainarra from beneath his fuzzy-caterpillar eyebrows. “You look very familiar my dear,” murmured the elderly priest as he accompanied them down the nave towards the entrance of the crypt. “Were you here last Gerotil’s Day?” The thief shifted uncomfortably beneath her dark cloak. She … Continue reading Adventures of the Cursed Eight 1.4