Genesis of Syrros: Part IV

A slice of cosmogony from the world of the Cursed Eight


Accipiter G. Goshawk

So far, I have merely chronicled the adventures of the Cursed Eight as they wander the continent of Dersorrah. From time to time I have even told the stories of a few of the odd personages they have encountered in their travels.

Now I am slowly taking the time to reveal the more universal truths that bind this world together.

Here follows an excerpt from the writings of Saint Vornias, chronicling how the Twelve summoned all supernatural entities to Dereillon and brought them to heel.

In the ten years following their Return, the Twelve set about undoing the evils that their cursed children had wrought on the world.

The first to feel the radiant attention of Thelas and her brethren were the mortals, favourite children of the gods. With barely any bloodshed or violence, the human kingdoms were brought into the divine light, followed shortly after by the dragonkin and dwarven peoples.

The inhabitants of the continent of Quserash, the mischievous children of elementals, did not submit, but instead chose to openly defy the gods. A small army led by the swiftly-angered Mirkal, the blood-thirsty Tarok and the dread Shareksh, was dispatched to the desolate continent and quickly subdued the unruly heathens. Ever since that day, the peoples of that dry country have been as meek lambs before the might of the Twelve.

Only the elves –most beloved of Thelas- received special treatment. Because of their timeless and stalwart defence of the Light, the goddess, in her eternal wisdom, erected a mighty barrier around the Green Kingdom so that it would forever remain protected and untainted.

Once the mortals had been set on their luminous path, the Twelve’s attention turned to the dangerous and chaotic forces that still roamed the world. In a generous attempt at diplomacy, they summoned the leaders of these powers to Dereillon.

The fell masters of light and darkness, fire and water, earth and air, law and order all arrived on the same day in the blessed city. So catastrophic was their influence on reality that the whole sky darkened with their approach: the stars blinked out as if struck from the sky and the moon Ayar turned black.

Of the endless multitude, seven princes set foot in Karal-derel that night.

For the dark beings of the Hells, came the Lord of a Thousand Names, although on Syrros he is known as Yeleq-ne, the Tempter. Shining beside him came the Supreme Mistress of the Iridescent Mountains, the angel-winged Naralien. Behind them came the four elemental lords: for Fire, Ignerax; for water, Mineui; for Earth, Korroreg and for air, Whierre.

The last to enter the Crescent Cliff were the Severed, the One that is Two. Within their presence, the work of Mirkal unravelled and reformed endlessly, as chaos and law fought to exert their influence on all of creation.

As these dangerous creatures stood before the Twelve, silver Thelas rose from her moonlight throne.

“My children! I welcome you once again to our loving embrace. The Rim-walkers have done you a great ill, one which we seek to remedy. For too long have you been starved of that which you need. You were left to rove the plains of Syrros, alone and without guidance. Now, we come to you with a solution to your torment: come serve us, in Dereillon and within our godly halls. Bring back meaning to your existence.”

Much debate and discussion followed this generous offer. For most of the night, fiends, celestials and elementals argued with the Twelve until, at dawn an accord was struck: any being of the supernatural fold could choose to either serve the gods or forever return to their original dimension. Of the many lords present, only shining Naralien chose to remain to serve Thelas. The others –no doubt led by Yeleq-ne- chose to return to their domains and forsake the gift of the Twelve.

Many devils, celestials and creatures of the elements flocked to Dereillon in the following months, eager to enter the service of the Six Givers and the Six Takers.

At the end of one year, the gods made their move.

To prevent any further mischief from ever befalling their beloved creation, they set an impenetrable barrier around the Hells and the Iridescent Mountains, forever separating them from Syrros.

To defend all mortals from the uncontrollable elements, in their infinite wisdom the Twelve destroyed the four Doors that connected our world to the planes of Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

Finally, the gods collected a hundred dying breaths, the willingly-given heart of an innocent man and the fiery soul of a true hero and brought them together to form Herdadron, the Chain of Endings. With it they lashed the Severed to the two moons, forever trapping them in a place between Time. Thus they secured all of reality from the ever-shifting master of chaos and order.

What followed was a great age of peace, that will undoubtedly continue well past my own humble lifetime and for all eternity.

Excerpt from the gospel of Saint Vornias, Prophet of Gerotil

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