Genesis of Syrros: Part II

A slice of cosmogony from the world of the Cursed Eight


Accipiter G. Goshawk

So far I have merely chronicled the adventures of the Cursed Eight as they wander the continent of Dersorrah. From time to time I have even told the stories of a few of the odd personages they have encountered in their travels.

Now I am slowly taking the time to reveal the more universal truths that bind this world together.

Here follows an excerpt from the writings of the Prophets, detailing the betrayal of the Twelve at the hands of their children, the Rim-walkers.

The first creature to apply her corrupt taint to Syrros was the Rim-walker known as Aurora. This mangy She-wolf immediately forsook her godly parent’s houses of light to go wander the frozen wastes of the north, feeding on all the hapless mortals that crossed her path. Unfortunately, her brutality was also tempered with a dark cunning, which she immediately put to work. In her cold dungeons of endless snow, the She-wolf of the Rim-walkers began to plot her ascension.

More soon emerged from the powerful womb of the Twelve’s love.

Many they were, of endless shapes and evil appetites. There were those that delighted in the exploration of forbidden magics, while others toyed cruelly with the fate of mortals. Of the decadent brood, only two were known by name: Thorn Light-bender and Jorash Bone-singer.

The first was a brute, interested only in twisting the sacred element of Thelas to his own selfish desires. Being a creature of light, he soon gained a sacrilegious following among the people of Syrros, so expanding his noxious influence to every corner of the land.

The second was a monster. A broken spawn of Shareksh, the Bone-singer only delighted in death and the torture of departed spirits. Once this unholy being set foot on the continent of Dersorrah, it began raising the dead to fuel its armies, devoting itself to the extinction of every single one of Gerotil’s creations.

In but a few years, the Rim-walkers had almost entirely mangled their parent’s creation and world was nothing but a ruin of war, disease and unholy energies.

It was at this moment that Thelas roused her brothers and sisters. She exhorted them to leave their palaces, to march into the world and stop their unruly children.

The Twelve –as always – followed her lead, and girding themselves with armour of starlight, they entered their creation to bring the Rim-walkers to heel.

Unfortunately, the crafty She-wolf Aurora was ready.

Together with the Light-bender and the Bone-singer, she cast a powerful enchantment, which removed the world from reality, hiding it from the Twelve.

Lost in time and space, the gods regrouped and set out, determined not to surrender the world to the ambitions of their hopeless spawn.

It would be many a millennia before the Twelve succeeded in returning to Syrros, and in that time the Rim-walkers brought all their destructive desires to bear on the hapless mortal peoples.

Never would I have imagined that mine was to be the honour of announcing the return of the Twelve and the permanent banishment of the Rim-walkers.-

Excerpt from the Gospel of Saint Vornias, Prophet of Gerotil

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