World-moulder – Part V

An Espresso Tale


Accipiter G. Goshawk

The story continues from where we left it in Part IV

Darkness swirled, trying to choke the life out of them; trying to end the warm blaze that was cupped in the palm of their hand.

Teal smiled amidst the maelstrom of fire, fear and rage: they were their own reality and nothing this place threw at them could ever harm them again.

On the plain, the countless mases trembled on the ground clutching their rocks, mumbling their mantras, losing themselves in what they had been told to be and forgetting to raise their heads and look at the light.

Slowly, Teal began to pour more and more of themself into the mote, willing it to grow larger, brighter, stronger.


Suddenly, it leapt up into the sky and bloomed, instantly banishing the darkness and twisting reality in a new direction.

Within the Inner Workings of the Building, the dark universe shattered and decomposed, sending little droplets of shadow skidding into forgotten pockets of time and space.

And in their place, throbbing with warmth and light, shone Teal’s reality.

Only the small lava planet remained suspended in the brilliant vacuum which was Teal’s creation. The people on its surface where now standing, their lifeless rune stones forgotten on the ground. Their eyes blinked and blurred in the light of the new sun and tears adorned their cheeks as they looked at each other, rediscovering choice, love and possibility.

Within the folds of their own fashioning, Teal grinned. Their silver hair now spun endlessly outward, melding with the cosmos and twisting the strings of its destiny into a weaving of unparalleled beauty.

An incalculable time later, they sighed. Then, they twisted a last strand of prima mater and left their creation to float freely within the Inner Workings.

Finally, they straightened out their blue coat, rearranged their hair and exited through a small conveniently-placed wooden door.

*          *          *

“Overall not the best exam, Aspiring World-moulder Insik. You almost lost yourself in another reality twice and potentially caused the permanent disruption of at least one major universe…”

Erez droned on, enumerating the many mistakes Teal had made, wholly unaware that his criticisms were being utterly ignored.

Finally, the inspector looked up from his notepad and noticed the calm dreaminess floating on the younger person’s face. His expression softened and he reached into his pocket.

“However, I am pleased to say that you also demonstrated great skill in creating and sustaining your own creation, as well as an uncommon resistance to Keriz’s own Shadowscape. Speaking of which:” he said, moving a little closer, “I have to admit a certain personal satisfaction. That arrogant buffoon has been swallowing realities for an eternity. Well done.”

Teal smiled, but said nothing.

Without much ceremony, the older World-moulder gently pinned a small copper circle on to the front of their jacket.

“Welcome to the Building, World-moulder Insik. I commend you on proving that you are the maker of your own reality. I’m looking forward to seeing you work.”

Then he stepped away, moving deep into the twisting corridors of the Building, leaving the new World-moulder standing in front of the door to endless possibility.-

So concludes the story of Teal’s initiation and their discovery of their own power.

Maybe one day I’ll come back to Teal, but for the moment I’ll let them enjoy themself peacefully in the endless space of the Inner Workings.

If you enjoyed this story, please let me know in the comments below or find me on Twitter at @pgsanotherplace

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