The magic table: Part II

An Espresso Tale


Accipiter G. Goshawk

This is the continuation of The magic table: Part I.

After that, they frequently had visitors.

The second to come was Grandma Jane. She popped into existence on a Saturday and after having handed them a large platter of biscuits (fresh from the oven), she sat down for tea. It was a lovely afternoon and it had been months since they’d seen or heard from the spry little old lady. She left them with a smile and a wave, still clutching her small wooden figurine.

Soon, family members began coming in and out regularly and after a while they were quite happy that Uncle Renn had told them about the tablecloth trick.

One day, they decided to test the knife and the block of wood. Over the course of a few afternoons, they cut out and carved a grand total of seven figurines, which they sent with carefully-written notes to their respective families.

One week later, they had their first get-together. Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters showed up dazed but thrilled to see their new home. The meal was delicious and the house echoed with the sounds of laughter and happy chatter.

The table proved to be invaluable during the holidays. Neither of them could afford to return home and the trip was too long for most of their family members.

As the clock struck four, people began to blink into existence, carrying gifts, food, pets and multi-coloured bottles.

It was a feast to remember. In the house that only hours prior had been almost eerie, now children ran and played in the hallways, while adults chatted and told stories. People cooked and tasted a myriad of dishes; dogs scampered from one chair to another, begging for scraps with loving eyes, while cats sat sphinx-like on mantles, disapproving of the whole situation.

After the gift-giving, the drinking, the eating and the merrymaking, people left and the world turned to white, as snow covered the house and the countryside around it.-

I hope you enjoyed this little Espresso Tale.

All my best wishes to you, happy role-playing, merry holidays and may your new year be full of dreams and hope and love.

Accipiter G. Goshawk

4 thoughts on “The magic table: Part II

  1. This is a very great story. Although, I felt a few of the elements are left ambiguous. I wouldn’t know if this is done on purpose, or you just forgot to write in detail about such elements.

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