A contrast for the stars

A ramble


Accipiter G. Goshawk

In the beginning, there was light…

Only light.

Only existence.

Only being.

The Greeks called it


And in the being

and the existing,

there was a Nothing before the nothing.

A trickster,

An artist,

An inventor and a demon, maybe,

Unmade the Made.

Their shriek pierced the void,

And Their death

Was the first.

All of being cried for

The First.


From Them,

Darkness came.

From Their bones,

Shadows spread.

Their eldest was Death,

Their second pain,

And a legion more did follow,



And Black.


Did They create

the contrast for the stars.

Light now had dark,

Life had death,

Pain had joy;

All finally visible,


Marvellous and terrible.

The dance never-ending;

The glory

The tragedy,

All hopelessly separate

And yet…

All forever in an instant:


And then,

A breath

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