Blog Entry 4


Accipiter G. Goshawk

A recurring trope in fantasy novels, is that of the true name of things.

Characters acquire magic by learning the true name of elements, plants and animals.

In short, the whole point of true names, is that once you find the name of a thing, you have power over it.

Why is this so important for us, the people of the “real world”?

Well, the things that live in our mind are sometimes mysterious, and otherworldly. Often we get lost in a crowd of crazy robed people that yell and scream, pushing and pulling at our soul.

However, if you take the time and find the name of the elements within the screaming mass, you gain the upper hand. The unknown thing that caused you fear, that warped your mind now has name, thus becoming known.

And what you know, you can understand, control and fight.

What creatures live in your mind? Have you named them?

Be well,


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