The Madman’s Speech

And now for something completely different…

You’ve been deceived.

It’s not entirely surprising; I’ve been working on this particular lie for a very long time.

I twisted it from pain and from the desire to be just like everyone else. I thought that by keeping myself hidden, that by dulling the light behind my eyes, the world would welcome me with open arms.

I crafted this disguise and changed. In the end, I was so successful that I even lost myself to my own illusion. I became small, afraid; trapped in the image of innocent weakness I had summoned in the mind of those around me. Beneath this psychological quagmire, the rest of me endured, hidden yet present. I continued my life; I excelled, but never appreciated my victories. I was humble to a fault and even self-disparaging.

I was likeable, but sad. Weary of a darkness I perceived in the world, I longed for something else. I desired recognition and I wanted it to be freely given. I thought that the taking of it would spoil its purity. So I built pyramids to the gods; I bowed at their passage and left them offerings. And when they forsook me, I found fault in myself and turned to other beings, in hope of redemption for my sins.

Then, the world shook.

I was forced out of my illusion and into madness; confronted by a vision of reality perceived and reality imagined. It sent me over the edge and into chaos. My mind was torn apart and from this grievous wound, I was born anew.

I am no longer weak. I am no longer limited by my own magic. I am no longer afraid.

The world is splayed before me and I have chosen to reveal myself to it. No turning back. Not unless I want destruction to be my last bedfellow.

I stand on the precipice, uncloaked at last and I step forward, into air and night and wind. None can stop me, for I have rediscovered treasure long forgotten. I convinced myself that I was pious and of the Light. I now find that I am equal parts and that I owe allegiance to no Master but myself.

Darkness and Light, Black and White.

I am lost no more.

You would do well to remember that.

You would do well to tread carefully.

For although the Hound will always strive for the Light, the Wolf is on the hunt and the Dark follows behind him.

But in the end, as I rediscover my shadow, so do I see the flame of Hope and Goodness again.

I have but found something of myself again and I am changed. But I am not lost, nor am I tainted by lesser powers. I stand whole in my mortality and my eternity; shade and starlight, beast and god.

Friend, lover, son and brother.

I love you fiercely and I will burn forever because of it. But now I delight in the fire, rather than cower before its tongues.

I am me. I am you. Through this, beyond the madness, I am whole.

And I will not be misled anymore.-

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